It is time for change in the outdated culture of unlimited endurance and stoicism in the medical field

At Physician Wellness & Resilience, LLC (PWR) commitment to serve as an agent of change in the field of health care defines the mission. We demonstrate this by addressing burnout at every level of the health care system: individual, institutional, and cultural.

Reduction of burnout has been linked to improved patient outcomes and reduced organizational health care costs. With this in mind, PWR services are designed to help individuals, interdisciplinary teams, and organizations anticipate and reduce time and energy lost due to burnout, by focusing on new approaches and mastery of new skills to support healthy resilience and wellbeing.

The Story Behind Physician Wellness & Resilience, LLC

Physician Wellness & Resilience, LLC was started by Hilary McClafferty, MD in 2015 as a response to the epidemic of burnout in physicians across specialties, nationally and internationally. She recognized the urgent need for solution based approaches to burnout based on her own experiences of burnout during medical training, in her work as a pediatric emergency medicine physician, and as a working physician-parent. In fact, she undertook training in integrative medicine- a field devoted to whole person care, in part seeking new approaches that would help her sustain a career in medicine doing work that she loved. In her integrative medicine training Dr. McClafferty acquired deep expertise in a range of approaches to whole person care, particularly in mind-body medicine approaches such as mindfulness and compassion based cognitive training, now the focus of active research in physician burnout and wellbeing. 

Dr. McClafferty’s goals in offering coaching and consulting services are to provide education, perspective, and new skills to colleagues at every stage of their medical training so that they may build a sense of healthy resilience, avoid burnout, and rekindle a sense of satisfaction and purpose in their practice of medicine.